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Since 1998, we have been providing enterprise like yours with shop and coordination drawings that are accurate and thoughtfully prepared. The services we offer include drawings for electro-mechanical, duct-work fabrication, plumbing, HVAC piping, and electrical coordination. EDSO-GROUP Services is one stop solution for all kind of Structural Drawings requirements. Our team of experienced Shop drawers, CAD drafters and engineers can deliver accurate, customized and detailed services as per client requirements and guidelines.

has been in the building and construction for over 18 years and has developed a well-earned reputation for providing quality.

EDSO-GROUP has a wealth of experience in building, renovations, large extensions and civil, Electromechanical, and Architectural engineering for both residential and commercial clients.

EDSO-GROUP, with its team of skilled managers, contractors and workmen, consider the needs of every client to be unique and will work closely with the client through all phases of the project, from pre-construction to design, to actual construction work and post construction requirements, to guarantee seamless service from beginning to end.

When you first come to us, whether your project is large or small, EDSO-GROUP Consultants will sit down with you to create a time-line schedule to identify the various phases of the build project from beginning to end. This important exercise enables you, the client, to voice your ideas and desired outcomes, as well as inject your creative input to the project. We are then able to establish realistic expectations for the construction work to be done, including budgeting and costing, use of materials and any other special build technologies to be used.

To support our building and construction service, over the years, we have established reputable working relationships with professionals who specialise in lighting, electricity, plumbing, heating, cooling and power generation.

At EDSO-GROUP, we confidently believe that there should be no aspect of your conceptualised building project, big or small, which we cannot address in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

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